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Sheltered and Before The Contagious by C

Sheltered and Before The Contagious

September 20, 2020 far the imagination can run away from home

into the unknown, into becoming so lost

you can trade places...

Cari Griffo’s second book of poetry is a collection of her poems sent to family and friends during the pandemic while sheltered. With a compassionate compass she explores the meaning of home while unearthing love no matter how hidden. The second section spans the past couple of decades with work she performed to live audiences, often in gritty caws, caw cawing a language which both releases us to hear our own voice and conjoins us to listen.

"Dearest Cari, you have carried us to the finish line. Like E.E. Cummings, you have carried our hearts in your heart. We the people of Planet Adobe Brick, say thank you! Thanks for all the poems past and poems to come. Thanks for being our tireless poetry worker!"  ~Gary Glazner

Founder and Executive Director Alzheimer's Poetry Project

Sheltered and Before The Contagious can be found in print or eBook. If it is not on the shelves at your favorite bookstore you may order directly from them or purchase online at sites such as (supporting indie bookstores) or

You can also find Cari's poetry books at her husband's gallery, Trent Gerard Edwards Studio/Gallery in the village of Cerrillos, NM.

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Cari Griffo poem Dear Apple Tree

Dear Apple Tree,
Why does it feel
like stolen fruit?

poem from Sheltered and Before the Contagious

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September 20, 1997

A feast of life-affirming poems about rain and drought, love and loss, sweet peaches and artichokes, family relations, mountains, passion and simple human truths...This collection contains Cari Griffo's most requested performance pieces. They are sometimes ambrosial, sometimes tart, often funny, and always succulent.

"A very rich literary liqueur. These are poems to savor and like good brandy-wine, will get you memorably drunk."

~Michael W. Eliseuson, Writer and Founder of The Inkslinger's Review 

"Here is a voice as fresh and life-giving as spring rain." 

~Morgan Farley, Poet and Author of Name Yourself Feast

"Strong and intricate work by a genuine maker."

~Thomas Fitzsimmons, Poet and Author of The Poetry and Poetics of Ancient Japan

Ripening is no longer in distribution, however, you may find copies with an online search.

You can also find Cari's poetry books at her husband's gallery, Trent Gerard Edwards Studio/Gallery in the village of Cerrillos, NM.

Ripening by Cari Griffo
Poetry: Latest Work

Introduced in Winter 
Cari Griffo

from Ripening

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Contact Cari Griffo

PO Box 395
Cerrillos, NM


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