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Cari Griffo Writer and Coach for Creatives

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Creatives Must Express In Order To Feel Alive

I know the tap on your shoulder, the feeling something is missing, the need to give more to your work, the blocks which frustrate, the desire to expand, and the depth you wish you could reach.

"There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction, a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.”  ~ Martha Graham

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Hi, I'm Cari

My desire to coach you is rooted in my own experiences of receiving coaching and first hand knowledge of its power to transform creativity.

I help writers, visual artists, musicians, performers, dancers, innovators, as well as undiscovered creators. My coaching can bring you closer to the beautiful reward of meaning gained from doing your creative work. I can assist you in finding purpose and success with your creativity to enjoy a fulfilling life.

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Praise for Coaching with Cari

Cari is a master of capturing your vision while maintaining your voice. Her approach is poetic, bold, and relatable...her unique style of coaching is worthy of your pursuit.

Shera Black, founder of ecohost

Cari is a unique individual that brings heart and intellect, along with compassion and clarity to every activity we've witnessed in working with her.  She has helped us frame our vision for our dental tourism business which has grown and thrived as a result of her suggestions, guidance, and support.  It is rare to work with someone with Cari's integrity and moral compass, which she combines with many years of real-world experience.

Terri Heeter, co-founder/president and Ralph Grosswald CEO/co-founder of Beyond Borders Dental

Cari shows mindfulness and respect for the creative freedom of the artist...

Jourdan Elterman, Novelist

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Guest Writer on the Podcast The Last Word with host Carly Newfeld for KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio, click link to listen

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Books of Poetry by Cari Griffo

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Sheltered and Before The Contagious

Cari Griffo’s second book of poetry is a collection of her poems sent to family and friends during the pandemic while sheltered. With a compassionate compass she explores the meaning of home while unearthing love no matter how hidden. The second section spans the past couple of decades with work she performed to live audiences, often in gritty caws, caw cawing a language which both releases us to hear our own breath and conjoins us to listen.


A feast of life-affirming poems about rain and drought, love and loss, sweet peaches and artichokes, family relations, mountains, passion and simple human truths...This collection contains Cari Griffo's most requested performance pieces. They are sometimes ambrosial, sometimes tart, often funny, and always succulent.

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Contact Cari Griffo

PO Box 395
Cerrillos, NM


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